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A few words of praise, from clients & friends alike.


A few words of praise, from clients & friends alike.

Virtue TV Visits: Gary Norris, Guitar Luthier

A short video from Virtue TV that gives an insight as to how some of Gary’s friends & clients feel about his work. Plus, Gary gives us a little insight about what it means to be a Luthier & shares some of his philosophies with us.

More Testimonials

I am so impressed and pleased with Gary’s attention to detail. He always gives me exactly what i’m looking for, and even goes above and beyond that by coming up with some modifications that surprise and interest me! He’s a true craftsman. Mark Anthony Larmand

Professional Musician & Composer

Hi Gary.

I just wanted to thank you for the magic you infused into my Mandolin and Cittern. Such a master’s touch being reflected in the set up and adjustments, coupled with a trained musician’s ear and touch, directed to the function and performance of each instrument, makes them a dream to play.

The electronics installed in each instrument allows for the finest resonance to express in a pure and clean vibration from within, and project a clear duplicate expression through amplification.

Fantastic job Gary! I would recommend you to set up any serious musician looking for the “top drawer” refinement you present.

Be well, Bob Farmer. Bob Farmer


When I brought Gary my 1958 Gibson LG-1, I wasn’t looking for much more than a general assessment of its condition. What I got was something very unexpected. He made a long, long list of fine adjustments that changed the tone, intonation and playability of the guitar to the point where it sounds better than any other LG-1 I have played. I highly, highly recommend Gary Norris for any and all of your instrument repairs and more. He is a consummate craftsman with an eye for detail and a deep and detailed understanding of what makes a guitar play and sound amazing.

Craig Carpenter

musician and sound engineer